Liz Pope on our Lamb Butchery Class

''Great butchery class last night, we thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. Really appreciated all the hard work that had gone into it. Excellent! Glass of wine,3 different lamb dishes to taste and 2 bags of "jointed" lamb to take home, fantastic value. Thank you''



**£50 deposit will be taken at the time of booking**

**At least 48 hours notice is needed if you can not make your class you have booked**


Please note all classes will start at 6pm and last for 3 to 4 hours.


What will i learn ?


Lamb Class £85/£125


During a lamb class we will talk you through the whole process of a lamb from birth to slaughter. Then demonstrate how to cut a carcase from start to finish after which is your turn to get practical you will cut a side of lamb in to pieces. At the end of the evening there will be a Q & A session with some tasters and a drink. You have 2 options with the lamb class you can either take home a boned and rolled leg of lamb prepared by yourself or you can take home the whole half a lamb that you have been working on.


Pork class £85


Pretty much the same as the lamb class but with a different beast. During the pork class we will show what all the parts of the pig are used for. During your practical you will prepare a french trimmed loin of pork to take home with you.


Beef Class £125


In the Beef class we mainly concentrate on the steaking part of the carcase. We will be working with the Loin of beef, the Rib of Beef and the rump of Beef. During your practical you will seperate all of these sections from each other before preparing your very own  Sirloin steaks and a cote de boeuf to take home with you.


Knife Skills £110


This course is aimed at improving your knife skills for your own use at home. First of all we will teach you how to keep your knives nice and sharp at home and show you how to use a steel. Then you will be taking a chicken apart in to its sections, followed by boning and rolling a piece of loin of pork, then french trimming a rack of lamb. You will get to take all the meat you prepare home with you and you will also take home your Knife and a sharpening steel.


Sausage masterclass £100


Our new sausage masterclass takes you through the whole proccess of firstly boning the meat we use, then mixing ingrediants with the minced pork and finally filling the natural hog skins with your chosen sausage mix. Prior to the class we will ask you what ingrediants you would like to use so we can make sure we have plenty of everything you will need. You will make a 3kg (approx 40 -50) mix of sausages which you will take home. **Beef & Lamb sausages can be made but there may be a small charge





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